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United Nations Secretariat
02-May-2017 00:00
The United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) hereby invites qualilfied companies to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to participate in the upcoming competitive bidding exercise to install a Fleet Management System (FMS), which should incorporate real-time global positioning system (GPS) in UNON’s fleet of vehicles.All the vehicles are based at UN Complex (Gigiri), Nairobi. IMPORTANT: Please note that this REOI is not an invitation for submission of tenders. Its purpose is to identify eligible vendors that would be interested to participate in the related upcoming solicitation. The complete detail of the requirement will be provided in the tender document that will be issued to bidders after this request for EOI is closed. UNON reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement of this EOI at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Submitting a reply to this REOI does not therefore automatically guarantee that your company will be considered for issuance of the solicitation documents. Only vendors who, in UN"s sole discretion, are deemed eligible and qualified, upon completion of an objective evaluation of the EOI submissions, may receive the final tender solicitation documents. Article 1. Required Fleet Management System (FMS) The Fleet Management System (FMS) supplied and installed in the vehicles must have among its features the following: a) Vehicle movement monitoring capabilities (based on GPS real-time technologies); b) Vehicle service-schedule tracking capabilities; c) Fuel consumption monitoring capabilities; d) General vehicle functionality reporting capabilities. 1.1 Vehicle Movement Monitoring Details The FMS should incorporate a real-time system (GPS) to be fitted in each of the vehicles which will facilitate tracking of all vehicle movements. At a minimum it should have the following capabilities: - Capability to identify the vehicle; - Ability to identify the driver; - Ability to route map the vehicle; - Clearly map the start and destination of trips; - Mark the exact location of vehicle at all times; - Display a report on the distance traveled in kms; - Monitor of any stops or ‘door-opening’; - Detection of fuel tank opening; - Display sudden acceleration and deceleration patterns; 1.2 Vehicle Service-schedule tracking Details Vehicle service scheduling capability shall be an integrated part of the FMS. Vehicle servicing should be scheduled automatically based on vehicle mileage. When a vehicle is due for periodical service, the system shall automatically alert FMTS/UNON personnel. The signal shall be received when the vehicle is 200kms to exact service mileage. 1.3 Fuel Consumption Monitoring Details As part of the Fleet Management system, fuel consumption and authorization functionality shall be required. This functionality shall include among others the following: - Ability to produce a fuel consumption report in Km/l; - Capability of recording and graphically outputting the fuel usage & utilization of the vehicle; - Track fuel top-ups by sending an electronic alert signal to FMTS/UNON any time the fuel cap is opened, - Provide fuel consumption reports in km/h, - Highlight unexpected fuel consumption patterns (graphically); - Provide unique identification for each driver fuelling the vehicle to ensure clear accountability is maintained for each fueling stop. 1.4 General Vehicle Functionality Reporting Details General flexible vehicle functionality reporting shall be required from the system. A range of standard industry specific reports shall be provided, to include but not limited to: - Vehicle Performance report, - Trip Reporting (by vehicle, by driver), - Vehicle History reports (e.g., service history, repairs cost history, accidents reports, etc.), - Driver Reports (trip summary, over-speeding records, sudden acceleration/deceleration patterns, driving behavior personal history, idle time, vehicles driven) etc. - Accidents Reports; Article 2. Other Fleet Management System Requirements: 2.1 The preferred GPS system shall enable FMTS/UNON management to; - Check location of the vehicle(s) anytime, anywhere with simple text messages (SMS), or through mobile phone ‘android’ or any other easily compatible mobile phone operating system. - Manipulate data/information either online & offline functionality in one device - Allow for Multiuser logins (more than one authorized user to access fleet data ) - Save all the historical data related to the vehicle for as long as two years period or more. 2.2 Training in the use of the software or system applied in the FMS shall be part of this required service. The Super-Users of the system shall be FMTS/UNON employees located at UN Complex (Gigiri). 2.3 The reporting module of the Fleet Management system shall be flexible with the ability to export reporting information in both printable format (with ability to insert logos and images), as well as electronic format (such as excel spreadsheets or text files to be used as import files to other systems). The reporting functionality shall be flexible enough to allow the expert user of the system to create new reports based on management needs.
Kenneth Gaciura
Kenneth Gaciura
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