Supply & Delivery of Tents to Mombasa, Kenya (DAP, Incoterms 2010) for UNSOS


Страна: Кения
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Заказчик: United Nations Secretariat
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Дата публикации: 10-05-2017
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Supply & Delivery of Tents to Mombasa, Kenya (DAP, Incoterms 2010) for UNSOS
United Nations Secretariat
05-Jun-2017 00:00
1. The United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) has a requirement for the supply & delivery of tents (10 man and 30 man) and intends to establish a 5 year contract for an estimated yearly requirement of 1000x10 man and 100x30 man tents to be delivered to Mombasa. For this requirement, UNSOS will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly and considers inviting those companies which have expressed their interest and provided initial relevant information as to their ability to fulfill UNSOS’s requirement. Please note, this is not an invitation for submission of a price proposal. 1.1. The tents required shall be robust, easy to install, re-deployable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions in Somalia which is humid and characterized by high levels of corossion and flooding during rainy seasons. At a minimum the tents shall have: (a) Galvanized steel metal portal frames and purlins as the structural members (b) Outer fly sheet; spread on top of the steel frame and webbed on the ridge members and purlins by Velcro fastening sleeves (or equivalent) and tensioned by guy ropes on to the ground steel pegs (c) Inner shelter; walls, ground sheet and mud-flap shall come sewn or sealed together as a single unit. The shelter shall have windows & window flaps, and 2 doors on opposite sides of its width. The shelter shall be anchored onto the frame by polyester webbing straps (or equivalent) and tensioned firmly on to the grounds. 2. Interested companies must complete the Vendor Response Form and Return it to the attention of UNSOS Chief Procurement Officer no later than 04:00 PM Nairobi local time on 5 June 2017. 3. Vendor Response Forms must be completed in full
Chief Procurement Officer, Unsos
Chief Procurement Officer, Unsos
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