Provision Of Repair And Rehabilitation Of The Oxidation Ponds At The United Nations Offices At ...


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Provision Of Repair And Rehabilitation Of The Oxidation Ponds At The United Nations Offices At ...
United Nations Secretariat
24-Aug-2017 00:00
The United Nations Complex is situated in a 146 acre land in Gigiri Nairobi. The Complex accommodates 4,000 staff members in over 67,000 square meters of built space. The Complex is managed on behalf of the United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ) in New York by the local administrative branch of the Secretariat, the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON). The Facilities Management and Transportation Section (FMTS) of UNON daily manage all the wastewater/sewage produced from the offices, common areas, cafeteria and food facilities, conference & exhibition areas in Compliance with all legal environmental requirements. Currently, all the wastewater is treated by wo (2) treatment plants and then, after the treatment, into on-site artificial ponds. One system (No. 1) is serving the New Office Facility (NOF) and the other (No.2) is serving the rest of the compound. The Wastewater treatment plant No. 2 was built in 1979 and consists of an Oxidation Pond with Primary Ponds (Pond 1A and 1B) and Maturation Pond (Pond 3) to treat effluents from the other facilities for a total population of 3,000 people. Each building or group of building are equipped with primary septic tanks for the separation of solids or heavier products. Influent pumps supply an aerated chamber first and the oxidation pond then for the simple secondary treatement of the sewerage effluents. This treatement water is then re-used to irrigate the green landscape inside the UN Complex as per UNON Water Management Strategy that strives to recycle and reuse wastewater for irrigation purposes. Due to the age of the Oxidation Ponds, UNON FMTS plans to undertake several repairs, among them (1) Removal, cleaning and storage of the existing concrete tiles. (2) Removal and disposal of the existing lining - approximately 5,500 square meters, (3) Removal and disposal of the sludge -estimated at 30 cm. (4) Compacting and grading the existing soil underneath the existing liner and tiles - approximately 14,300 tiles, (5) Installation of the new RPE liners -estimated area 5,500 square meters, (6) Installation of concrete tiles (approximately 70% of existing tiles will be reused while new ones of the same size and type will be installed to top up the 30% space, (7) Replacement of the existing ten (10) cast iron gate/sluice valves (8) Repair the leakage in the manhole (9) Provision of updated AUTOCAD As-built drawing set. UNON expects that the work will take approximately 6 months. UNON invites qualified firms to submit an Expression of Interest to participate in an international tender process for the above requirement. Interested vendors may forward their Expressions of Interest (EOI) along with the signed vendor forms to before the closing date indicated on this document. All EOI submissions should be sent via email, citing the EOI reference number and title in the subject line. UNON reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement of this EOI at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Thus, submitting a reply to this REOI does not automatically guarantee your company will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued. Only Vendors which in UN"s sole discrition are deemed eligible and qualified upon completion of an objective evaluation of their EOI submissions may receive the final tender solicitation documents.
Margaret Muchuku
Margaret Muchuku
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