International Individual Consultant - Constitutive Document for the IGAD Strategic Dialogue and Facilitation of Consultative Meeting


Страна: Кения
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Дата публикации: 21-08-2017
Источник: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
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International Individual Consultant - Constitutive Document for the IGAD Strategic Dialogue and Facilitation of Consultative Meeting
Procurement Process : RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline : 28-Aug-17
Posted on : 20-Aug-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 40274
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00075887 - Strengthening IGAD capacity in building resilience
Documents :
Terms of reference
Procurement Notice
Offeror"s letter to UNDP
IC Proposal Form
P11 form
General Terms and Conditions of IC Contract
Overview :

In order to effectively respond to old and newly emerging peace and security threats and set a steady course on the right pathways to transition in 2016, IGAD has launched a new generation Strategy and Implementation Plan. Based on the IGAD Global Strategy 2016-2020, and with subsequent sector-based consultations, the IGAD Peace and Security Division has further developed Sector Strategies for all the priority sectors including the Strategy and Implementation Plan for Peace and Security (IGAD Peace and Security Strategy 2020).

In line with the new generation IGAD Peace and Security Strategy 2020, the Peace and Security Strategy Division aims to establish an Annual Strategic Dialogue on the State of Peace and Security in the IGAD region (in short IGAD Strategic Dialogue) that will provide strategic deliberation platforms that complement IGAD and Member States’ actions on the ground.

As part of a new Strategy Plan 2020, the IGAD Peace and Security Division intends to establish a platform for Strategic Dialogue that makes available a platform for consultations and deliberations. While the Strategic Dialogue will help in defining the root causes and problems of the region, more importantly it will focus on how to fill the gap between the three important actors, namely the scientific, diplomatic and political communities. The IGAD Strategic Dialogue will provide a platform for strategic deliberations and applied policy recommendations that aim to help translate IGAD’s ultimate objective of creating a prosperous and peaceful region in regard to actionable strategic objectives.

Objective and scope of the assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to prepare a Constitutive Document for the IGAD Strategic Dialogue and also serve as resource person and facilitate the meeting to consult on the Constitutive Document.

Application process

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the following:

  • UNDP Personal History Form (P11);
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  • Technical proposal for implementing the assignment;
  • Financial proposal for implementing the assignment;

Qualified candidates are requested to email their applications to email address: to reach us on or before 5.00 P.M on Monday, 28 August 2017.

Please quote the Procurement Reference No.: ‘’KEN/IC/2017/35 ‘’ on the subject line of the Technical and Financial proposals.

Firms are not eligible for this consultancy assignment (open only for national individual consultants).


Annex 1 – Procurement Notice

Annex 2. Terms of reference

Annex 3– IC proposal form

Annex 4– Offerors Letter to UNDP (To be used for submitting the financial proposal)

Annex 5 - P11 form

Annex 6 – IC General Terms and Conditions